Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Favorite Makeup Brushes :[POSH]

♥I got these brushes a few months ago. I was originally just looking to buy a foundation brush & i found this travel size kit & just had to get it. Foundation brushes can be pretty pricey & this set included the foundation brush. You get five brushes in a cute little side zipper pouch. Technically, you are getting 8 brushes since three of them are double-ended. I got mine for about $11 at H-E-B [this is a grocery/drugstore that can only be found in Texas] On the website http://www.poshbrushes.com/ it's $30, which is still a good price because the quality of the brushes is really good.♥

♥I haven't had any of the brushes shed bristles at all. This is great if you are barely starting with makeup or want to try new makeup brushes. It comes with everything you need to complete your look. The packaging is very convenient because it keeps the brushes in order and clean. It is small (about 4 and a half inches) so you can easily toss it in your purse or makeup bag when you travel or are just out for the night. You'll have all the tools with you for a quick touch up. This is what it looks like closed :)♥

It includes the following:

Foundation Brush- This brush works so well on blending the foundation evenly. The bristles are soft and it doesn't leave the makeup looking streaky. The bristles are the size of an average foundation brush...it's just the handle that is short.

Conceal & Touch Up- The concealer brush is just like the foundation brush, but super tiny. I hardly ever use it because i never use concealer, but it works really good to apply foundation under my eyes or to put on an eye shadow base/primer. I usually use the touch up brush to blend my eyeshadow. It's good for blending because it's soft but not too soft.

Smokey & Eyeshadow- The smokey brush is freakin' amazing!! It like an eye shadow brush that hold the shape of a smudge brush(like the ones that come with eyeliners sometimes), so you can just put it on the corner of your eye & run it back & forth along your crease for the perfect smokey eye. The eyeshadow brush on the other end is really good too. It's a really soft, yet full shadow brush. It's slightly angled which helps when it come to precision.

Powder- I absolutely love this brush! I use it with powder, blush, & bronzer. It is the softest in the bunch...it's incredibly soft!! I plan on getting this brush as a single. They sell these brushes individually as well & I am definitely gonna get the full size powder brush from Posh :) I want like a gazillion of their powder brushes!! lol...ok I don't, but i want at least one more.

Brow & Eyeliner- I don't do much to my brows, so I've used the brow brush only a few times and I like it. It is soft yet still stiff. I'm not sure if that makes any sense, but it's a good brush. I've been using the eyeliner brush a lot lately & I'm crazy about it. It's super thin and really easy to work with.

♥I highly recommend these brushes!♥

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