Friday, April 23, 2010

Material Instinct :]

Like 2 or maybe even 3 Saturdays ago [yeah, this post is way over due] I was feeling sick & hormonal LOL. We had a kid's birthday party to attend that I was just not in the mood to go to. Right before we left for the party Hubby checked the mail & there was a package for me :] Made my day!! I knew it was the ModCloth lip balm that I won from Valerie's Blog. It's exciting to me, as it probably is to everyone else, to get a package in the mail. Valerie sent me the lip balm + a few other goodies & she even included a cute little note :] The blush was sealed but it was cracked. It must have not been handled with care through shipment. haha I'm still using it though. She's the nicest person I've met on the internet & I can relate to her so much. You should definitly check out her blog, Material Instinct & her YouTube channel :] btw, she has monthly giveaways on her channel :)
Here's a few pictures of what she sent me.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Mother's Day 2010 Wishlist

♥I've been a mother for over 4 years but have never had an actual gift unwrapping. Usually we'll be at the store and I see something I like & Hubby will be like, "you want it for Mother's Day?" & he just buys it for me then even if it's weeks in advance. He's not so great at keeping things from me. He can never keep a surprise a secret which is why I always get my birthday gifts early. I think he put a little more effort into last year's Mother's Day. He gave me a card, roses, & a huge box of condoms [what a think-for-yourselfer!! :P haha] I didn't mind though. He knew it's a gift I'd like. He put it in a really cute gift bag & used plastic grocery bags as "tissue paper"...that screams LAST MINUTE! but I'm not picky or high maintnance at all. Especially not with gifts. Nonetheless, this year I have a wishlist. LOL I will more than likely just get the last thing because it's something that I'll actually need. What do you Mommies want for Mother's Day? What do you get your mom?♥
On To My Wishlist...
  • IHOP gift card cuz it's my fave & we go there for pretty much everything!
  • China Glaze nail polish in Recycle!!
  • Too Faced Lip Insurance [it's kinda new. I haven't seen a single review on it but I wanna give it a try]
  • Too Faced Walk of Shame Set...I really wanna try the Shadow Insurance, that lipstick, & how freakin cute is that tooth brush!!?!
  • The Tummy Sleeve

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Big NYX Sale

♥I've got several blog post ready to go up that I need to add pictures to. Right when I started taking the pictures my camera died. The extra battery & the charger are in the camera bag & the camera bag is in the Hubby's car. The hubby's at work so here I am cameraless :/ Since I wanted to post something up already I decided to share this NYX sale with you girlies. NYX Cosmetics doesn't have sales all the time, so when they do it's major. Sometimes people complain about the shipping costs but it still beats having to pay full price for everything. The sale doesn't start until next Thursday, April 22nd though. Mark your calenders! I think I'll load up on lipsticks or jumbo eyeshadow pencils. what are some good NYX products you like?♥

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pocahontas Inspired

♥I wanted to put a prom outfit together inspired by Pocahontas because she's my absolute favorite!! After I finished the prom look the Pocahontas theme just went on and on for a few more outfit. Here's what came out of it♥ ...
Pocahontas Inspired Prom :]
Pocahontas [prom]
Pocahontas [prom] by Supergirl43837 featuring Disney Couture jewelry

This set is very costumey. Definitely something I'd wear for Halloween.

This set is very casual & cute for Spring & Summer.

Here's another cute outfit that's casual enough to wear on an ordinary day.

This set is very fun & a great look for a date or dinner with the girlies.
ps. When I was younger I wanted to grow up to be Pocahontas at Disneyland

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Day Without Shoes

TOMS Shoes is an organization that sells shoes & for every pair of shoes sold another pair is donated to children who don't have any. Tomorrow, April 8th, is A Day Without Shoes. It is an event to raise awareness. Millions of children grow up barefoot. Living without shoes isn't easy. They get cuts, scrapes, & can even develop serious health problems over time. To make your part you can purchase your shoes at & to help contribute to A Day Without Shoes go barefoot tomorrow. HERE you can get more information, find an event near you, and even alternatives to how you can participate if you can't actually go barefoot. Millions live without shoes, so sacrificing our shoes for a day should be nothing to complain about. Experience what many suffer everyday.