Friday, May 29, 2009

Mommy On The Go Look #2

♥I really like a look like this. The top is so cute & I think it goes great with the destroyed jeans & wedged sandals :] The sunglasses are from D&G and I absolutely love them, but I am not about to splurge $300 on sunglasses because we got bills to pay Yo!! LOL Anyways, this look is very "modern mommy"...perhaps I should title these looks as "Modern Mommy On The Go". hmmmm, what do you think?? Oh, & I'd probably wear this to like a kid's birthday party or a movie with the Hubby and our little ones.♥

Saturday, May 23, 2009

DIY: Eye Shadow Primer

♥What you will need:
foundation or concealer
body butter
container to store it in

♥I used a foundation i was running out of already. I cut the top of the tube with scissors to make use of every single drop of the product (I'm not cheap...I'm smart :] LOL) You can use that foundation you accidentally bought in the wrong know! The one that is just sitting there being too dark or way too light for your skin color. yeah! bust it out!! Or you can go out and buy a foundation that isn't very expensive. N.Y.C. has foundation for like $3! The moisturizer I used was 97cents because it's the travel-size. The body butter is mainly to add texture. It helps the shadow colors pop. It's a lot better if the body butter is white. I added glycerin because it helps lock in the moisture and your eyeshadow will last a lot longer. You can find this at any drugstore such as Walgreens, Target, or Wal-Mart. I found mine at Wal-Mart for $2.98. It's by like the Band-aids and first aid kit stuff. You don't need to include the glycerin but I recommend you do, not only to make this primer, but because you will need it to make another little homemade product that I'm going to show you girlies in a few days (a mixing media to turn any eyeshadow into a liquid liner!!!). Oh, & be sure to have a little container to keep your finished product in. I got mine at Wal-Mart as well. They have them by the travel size toiletries along with other small containers...It should be in an aisle within the health&beauty section of the store. I got mine in pink & it was a little pack of 2 for like $1. You can use any other container as long as you have a cover for it.♥
♥Here is what you do:
-Pour equal parts of foundation and moisturizer into your container. Just eye-ball it! don't need precise measurements or anything like that.
-Mix it...I used a bobby pin to mix mine :)
-Add a chunk of body butter. I added about a teaspoon to mine. Don't be afraid to add too much, as long as it doesn't take over the amount of foundation and moisturizer mix.
-Mix it!
-Then just add a few drops of glycerin. I put 5 drops in mine. The glycerin gives it the same consistency as the oh-so-famous Urban Decay Primer Potion.
-Mix it again :)
-This is one of those things where a little goes a long way, so just lightly dab your finger on your primer and rub it onto the top of your hand to test it.
-Apply any eyeshadow to a spot without primer....
-Now apply that same shadow over the spot where you put primer.
-Smile because you love it!!


♥ I hope you found this helpful. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.♥

Project 10 Pan

♥I recently ran into some videos on youtube where some girls are doing what they are calling Project 10 Pan. The concept is to use up 10 products completely before buying any more makeup items. Now, hopefully I have the will power to do this because I am always finding makeup at good prices and just can't resist buying a thing or 2...or 3 LOL And lately there has been a lot of good sales, so I might be tempted but I am going to try really hard not to buy anything. This is a great project because most girls never get to the bottom of their products and certain things can only last so long. For example, it is recommended that you only keep your mascara 2-3 months...I am guilty at keeping mine for a lot longer. By longer I mean like almost a year :// It's not that I stop using it completely. I just end up buying a different one & go back & forth with like 4 mascaras at a time. These are the 10 products that I have selected from my stash...♥1.PURE MAKEUP FOUNDATION FROM MAYBELLINE- I actually used this make my eyeshadow primer.

2.PRESSED POWDER FROM N.Y.C.- This is almost gone but i don't use it in big amounts so it'll probably last me about 2 more weeks.

3.BRONZER FROM E.L.F.- This product is pretty new but I use it everyday. I'm not sure how long it'll last.

4.LASH MAXXX MASCARA FROM RIMMEL- I'm so afraid of running out of this one! I give it like 2 more weeks :/ at the most...idk what I'm gonna do without it. I have other mascaras, but this is my fave!!

5.EYELINER PEN FROM E.L.F.- This is almost gone...maybe like 4 or 5 more applications. I have plenty of other liquid & pencil eyeliners though, so I'm not too worried.

6.EYESHADOW QUAD FROM E.L.F.- I think I am crazy for choosing an eyeshadow for this project!...I've never in my life finished an eyeshadow. One of my kiddos broke a chunk off the darker brown which I use to fill my brows sometimes, but I think it will still last a long while. The 2 lighter colors are great for highlight so I'll use those a lot. The lighter brown is a good color for a neutral summerish look.

7.DRAW ME A LINE LIP LINER FROM VICTORIA SECRET- I'm not sure how long it's been since I used lipliner but I am going to's a light brown with like a pink undertone that works well with nude lip colors so that will go well with the way I usually wear my makeup.

8.CURIOUS LIP GLOSS FROM BRITNEY SPEARS-I'm not the biggest fan of lip gloss, but this one is not sticky so I love that. The only reason why I own this is because it came with the perfume, but I'll might as well just use it :) oh, & it smells delishhh!

9.LIQUID LIPSTICK FROM E.L.F.- i love the color & the consistency. It's like a lipstick with gloss in it! It's a soft pink that goes on sheer. It will work perfectly with the VS lipliner.

10.STRAWBERRY SOFTLIPS spf20 LIP PROTECTANT-I'm obsessed with this thing!!...all you girlies from youtube who watched my "6 Products I Can't Live Without" video know how much I love it. It is in my purse all the time & sometimes I even carry it in the pocket of my jeans :] I am gonna try to use it less because I don't wanna run out of this! I don't have a backup & no other product I own can replace it...ever!!! lol


Orange Nails With White Polka Dots

♥It's nearly impossible to top the cuteness of polka dots :)
I did my nails on Tuesday & based the colors I chose on the summer time. Orange & White!! :] I applied Mango from Petites [I got this nail polish as Wal-Mart for $1.50!] Then I used my dotting tool with a white nail polish to make the little polka dots. I'll have more info for you all about the dotting tool soon. Oh, & my Sally Hansen top coat of course.♥

(The flash of my camera washed the colors off a bit...they are a lot brighter than what the picture shows) ♥Aren't they cute, though?!!---Let me know if you would like to see this done with other colors :)♥

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mommy-On-The-Go Look #1

This is something like what I would wear to run errands or go shopping with the hubby & the little ones.

Mommy On The Go

Mommy On The Go by Supergirl43837 featuring adidas

My Favorite Makeup Brushes :[POSH]

♥I got these brushes a few months ago. I was originally just looking to buy a foundation brush & i found this travel size kit & just had to get it. Foundation brushes can be pretty pricey & this set included the foundation brush. You get five brushes in a cute little side zipper pouch. Technically, you are getting 8 brushes since three of them are double-ended. I got mine for about $11 at H-E-B [this is a grocery/drugstore that can only be found in Texas] On the website it's $30, which is still a good price because the quality of the brushes is really good.♥

♥I haven't had any of the brushes shed bristles at all. This is great if you are barely starting with makeup or want to try new makeup brushes. It comes with everything you need to complete your look. The packaging is very convenient because it keeps the brushes in order and clean. It is small (about 4 and a half inches) so you can easily toss it in your purse or makeup bag when you travel or are just out for the night. You'll have all the tools with you for a quick touch up. This is what it looks like closed :)♥

It includes the following:

Foundation Brush- This brush works so well on blending the foundation evenly. The bristles are soft and it doesn't leave the makeup looking streaky. The bristles are the size of an average foundation's just the handle that is short.

Conceal & Touch Up- The concealer brush is just like the foundation brush, but super tiny. I hardly ever use it because i never use concealer, but it works really good to apply foundation under my eyes or to put on an eye shadow base/primer. I usually use the touch up brush to blend my eyeshadow. It's good for blending because it's soft but not too soft.

Smokey & Eyeshadow- The smokey brush is freakin' amazing!! It like an eye shadow brush that hold the shape of a smudge brush(like the ones that come with eyeliners sometimes), so you can just put it on the corner of your eye & run it back & forth along your crease for the perfect smokey eye. The eyeshadow brush on the other end is really good too. It's a really soft, yet full shadow brush. It's slightly angled which helps when it come to precision.

Powder- I absolutely love this brush! I use it with powder, blush, & bronzer. It is the softest in the's incredibly soft!! I plan on getting this brush as a single. They sell these brushes individually as well & I am definitely gonna get the full size powder brush from Posh :) I want like a gazillion of their powder brushes!! lol...ok I don't, but i want at least one more.

Brow & Eyeliner- I don't do much to my brows, so I've used the brow brush only a few times and I like it. It is soft yet still stiff. I'm not sure if that makes any sense, but it's a good brush. I've been using the eyeliner brush a lot lately & I'm crazy about it. It's super thin and really easy to work with.

♥I highly recommend these brushes!♥

Friday, May 15, 2009

Things That May Come In Handy For Prom

♥It's Prom season!! My prom was back in '06 but I just can't help getting excited around this time of the year. It's just fun to see all the girls shopping for dresses & a boatload of "prom edition" magazines at the grocery store. This post may be a little late to some of you since you might have had your prom a few weeks ago...or maybe a few years, but the high school I graduated from is having prom tonight!!!♥
♥So it's the day of prom. You got your nails done & he's out getting a hair cut and picking up the corsage with ribbon in the perfect tone to match your dress. Date?...check! Dress?...check! Shoes?...check! Hair & makeup?...check! Now, you are just about ready. You are more than likely not gonna walk out the door hauling that tote-like handbag you usually carry. A clutch or small purse is a fabulous option. Here are a few things that I suggest you take with you to prom.♥

♥When it comes to makeup you don't really need to take eyeshadow or mascara. Just take eyeliner, lipstick and/or lip gloss(which ever you are using), blush, & pressed powder. It's a good idea to take a face brush or kabuki brush that you can use with both the blush & the powder. Using a brush to freshen up your powder instead of the sponge that comes in the compact will give you more of an air-brush-like finish & it won't look cakey. Take an extra set of earrings just in case you were to lose[or brake] one of the ones you are wearing. Safety pins will possibly come in handy :) Gum is great after dinner, but please!please!please! do not chew it all night!! You don't have to take a travel size deodorant, but some girls may find that helpful to feel comfortable throughout the night. You might want to reapply some after all the dancing...or maybe even before if you plan to dance to "Y-M-C-A" or something weird like that LOL. Take a few band-aids. If you don't use it cuz you got a cut, you might use it on your feet if your shoes start bugging you (when this happens it is usually on the back of the ankles) Also, you absolutely don't wanna forget your camera!! Make sure your memory card is empty & your battery is charged. Take extra batteries if you think you'll need 'em. And your cell phone, of course....not like you were leaving it behind anyway! Oh, & take a pad or tampon, whichever you prefer. You just never know.♥
♥QUICK TIP: When it comes to taking pictures say "Hey!" instead of "cheese" & you will look naturally gorgeous...I PROMise♥

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Mother's Day Pedicure :)

♥Check out the super cute pedi I gave myself for Mother's Day! [I totally forgot to post the pictures on Sunday]♥♥I used this hot pink nail polish & some super cute floral nail decals that I bought at Wal-Mart for a little under 5 bucks...then of course a clear coat to seal it & make it ultra glossy!♥
♥My Mother's Day pedi all dresses up in cute shoes :)♥

Monday, May 11, 2009

Just As Amazing As BIOSILK, But For A Fraction Of The Price!

♥So pretty much every girl has used, heard of, or seen this very popular curvious bottle. It's BIOSILK :) & of course Biosilk Silk Therapy has got to be their most popular product & it's a wonderful one! I remember back in high school everyone in the locker room used this in their everyone & their mommas had a bottle of this stuff!!-well, at least me and my momma did :]] But anyway! yea! it's a wonderful product that'll leave your hair silky soft & with a beautiful shine. But along with the wonderfulness of Biosilk comes a cut to your wallet. The 11.6 oz. bottle retails for about $40 & though we may agree that it's worth the price, who doesn't like a bargain?!!!?..........& well, here you have it!!♥

♥I found this product at Sally's Beauty Supply & I love it! It has the same texture, ingredients, & it gives you the same results!! On the back of the bottle there's a comparison of the ingredients that are in both this Generic product & the original Farbouk Systems Biosilk. They contain the exact same things!!!♥
[sorry for the glare down the middle of the picture:/]

♥The price???...It is only $5.99 for this 6 oz bottle which is a lot less expensive than paying $24.50 for a 5.64 oz bottle of Biosilk. Sally's has a whole section of a lot of different products made by Generics Value Products. I think this is great! A company making amazing products that won't hurt your wallet.♥

DISCLAIMER: I still believe Farbouk Systems Biosilk has super good products, but for as long as I'm on a budget I'll be using this alternative which is just as amazing!! :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Twitter Choice Nails [May04,2009]

♥So this past Monday I asked for colors on Twitter and the first 3 people who replied were Crystal (my sister), Shelsea (my bestie), & Kim (one of my closest friends). Crystal chose blue of course because obviously she's obssesed with that color. Shelsea chose purple because it's her fave, so I'm guessing Kim just likes yellow (her favorite used to be blue though). But anyway, the reason why I was asking for colors was because I was gonna change my nail polish color. So I took those 3 colors & came up with this..........................................................TA!DA!!!♥ ♥Oh yeah! & I love SceneIt?:) Anyway, I used L.A.COLORS ArtDeco in yellow, dark blue, & magenta(which really just looks purple to me) & a top coat from Sally Hansen♥. ♥Yay!! for nails that are way cute:] These remind me of clown pants.♥

Nail Polish Tips

♥Here are just a few tips that I like to keep in mind when pampering my hands. I hope you find them helpful.♥
*Cut your nails so that they are all about the same length. Then be sure to file them down smoothly.
*Before polishing your nails, soak a cotton ball with nail polish remover and swipe it across your nails. This will remove any excess oils or soap that can cause peeling and chipping once you apply the nail polish.
*Push your cuticles back and trim them. This will make a difference. Your nails will look a lot neater. Be careful doing this though. You can do this with your ordinary nail clipper but it's recommended to use the cuticle trimming tool. Also there's plenty of cuticle softening and removing products available.
*Do not shake the nail polish bottle because that causes air bubbles. Instead, just roll the nail polish bottle between your'll mix just as well.
*Apply thin coats!!...Polish applied heavily will turn out looking tacky :/ If you are using a base coat, just apply a thin coat of that. Then apply the polish. Doing 2 or 3 thin coats will look way better than applying a heavy coat. Allow polish to dry between coats.
*Dip a toothpick in nail polish remover and run it around the edges to correct any mistakes.
*Do not be afraid to use different colors and designs. The possibilities are endless!
*To maintain your manicure from chipping, it is a good idea to apply a top coat every 2-4 days.
*If your nail polish is drying out and becomes thick, add a few drops of nail polish remover into the bottle and mix it.

Blue Leopard Print Nails :]

♥These are the nails I was rockin' from April26-May02. Aren't they cute?!?!?! This design is a little time consuming but I can't wait to try it with different colors because it is just so freakin' fantastic!! :) Lovessss it!!♥

Super Cute & Comfy Wedges

(Rocket Dog Godiva in black)
♥It was like 2 months ago when I saw some really cute wedges on the Journeys website. I was so bummed when I tried ordering them & they didn't have my size :/. That weekend I went to the mall & they didn't have them in the store either. My little ones & I went to San Antonio with my M.I.L. from April 12 'til the 16th & on the last day there we went to the Riverwalk. I just randomly walked into Journeys & there they were...& they had my size!!! Super exciting! They are super cute & I love that I can wear them with pretty much anything. I love them with jeans. oh! and they're comfortable too.♥

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Welcome Girlies!! :]