Monday, May 11, 2009

Just As Amazing As BIOSILK, But For A Fraction Of The Price!

♥So pretty much every girl has used, heard of, or seen this very popular curvious bottle. It's BIOSILK :) & of course Biosilk Silk Therapy has got to be their most popular product & it's a wonderful one! I remember back in high school everyone in the locker room used this in their everyone & their mommas had a bottle of this stuff!!-well, at least me and my momma did :]] But anyway! yea! it's a wonderful product that'll leave your hair silky soft & with a beautiful shine. But along with the wonderfulness of Biosilk comes a cut to your wallet. The 11.6 oz. bottle retails for about $40 & though we may agree that it's worth the price, who doesn't like a bargain?!!!?..........& well, here you have it!!♥

♥I found this product at Sally's Beauty Supply & I love it! It has the same texture, ingredients, & it gives you the same results!! On the back of the bottle there's a comparison of the ingredients that are in both this Generic product & the original Farbouk Systems Biosilk. They contain the exact same things!!!♥
[sorry for the glare down the middle of the picture:/]

♥The price???...It is only $5.99 for this 6 oz bottle which is a lot less expensive than paying $24.50 for a 5.64 oz bottle of Biosilk. Sally's has a whole section of a lot of different products made by Generics Value Products. I think this is great! A company making amazing products that won't hurt your wallet.♥

DISCLAIMER: I still believe Farbouk Systems Biosilk has super good products, but for as long as I'm on a budget I'll be using this alternative which is just as amazing!! :)

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  1. hi. this is cynthia michener (cynabby) from :o) I use biosilk shampoo, conditioner and this silk therapy for years.. I did not know that Sally's has the generic one like that for cheaper price! thanks for posting your information. I m gonna go check my Sally's here (Austin, TX). I love the smell of Silk Therapy and it makes my hair shine.