Saturday, March 27, 2010

5 Year Wedding Anniversary!!

♥ March 19, 2010...Our 5 year wedding anniversary. The plan was to go to the beach, fish a little, a nice dinner, & after that something fun like a walk along the water or hangout at a bar. Didn't happen!! Not only was South Padre Island jam-packed with Spring Breakers, but there was an accident on the Queen Isabella bridge. The drive there was so much fun, though. We had a "who can blow the biggest bubble" competition...I totally won! Anywho, we decided to take a road trip. Where to? Nowhere, really. we've always wanted to go on a road trip with no named destination...just drive, & drive & keep on driving. So we took a U turn & stopped at Wal-Mart to buy a GPS because we didn't have one with us. While at Wal-Mart we decided that we should take the kiddos with us even though the drive back to them was over an hour away. After buying the GPS & a few munchies Hubby said it was late & it would be better if we just left the next day in the morning. We returned the GPS before even getting outta the store because we were just gonna use the one back home. In other words the GPS we had just bought was an emergency/backup one LOL So anyway, I called the babysitters aka my sisters [btw, they're the best babysitters on the planet] & let them know we were gonna drive back & pick up the girls right after dinner. We went to Red Lobster. We had Strawberry Daiquiris. Mine was virgin of course :) The food was yummy. Overall it was a great night. I love long drives with the Hubby because we always have those heart-to-heart conversations or those silly ones. They're a lot of fun!♥