Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day - Classy or Edgey

♥I absolutely love this dress & I'd totally buy it if I had anywhere to wear it too. I'd like, host a V-day party or something just to wear this!! So cute! You can change one piece of clothes dramatically just buy the way you accessorize it. Don't be afraid to go crazy with accessories. I am guilty of over-accessorizing but that's just me & I love it. ♥

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Soda Flavored LipSmacker

♥So you may [because I tweeted about it forever haha] or may not [because you don't follow me on Twitter :P] know that my kidneys are all sucky...Doctor said it was the soda/coke/pop/whatever-you-call-it messing me up & that I needed to drink more water. She said it could rapidly become very serious so that same day I decided to give up soda. It was really hard at first because I went from drinking it everyday at all hours to not drinking it at all & I've been yummy carbonated beverage free since that day, Nov. 17, 2009. On one of my random trips to Wal-Mart I was in the cosmetics aisle looking for a lipstick & ran into this SPRITE Lip Smacker!! It comes with a little gloss & a lip balm. I laughed about it with my sister for a while & then I bought it. It smells just like Sprite & it tastes like it too, but flat. haha. It's as close as it can possibly be to the real thing. ♥


Happy New Year?...

♥It's 2010! Happy New Year!! Okay. So I realize it's February & I haven't blog since like last year [literally!!] December & January have been so hectic. We moved from a 5 bedroom house to a 3 bedroom apartment & it's taking longer than I thought to settle in. We had a ton of stuff boxed up & when they first brought all the stuff in, the living room looked like a terrible case on an episode of Hoarders! The living room is cleared out now, but we aren't completely done unpacking. Hubby & I decided to leave most things packed because we'll be moving again in 6 months. Of course we unpacked all the clothes, kitchen stuff, & like half of the girls' toys. The things that are staying in boxes are like trophies, crafts supplies, & like random stuff we wanna keep but don't necessarily need on a daily basis. Here are a few pictures that were taken in the past couple months...just cuz :]♥