Friday, April 23, 2010

Material Instinct :]

Like 2 or maybe even 3 Saturdays ago [yeah, this post is way over due] I was feeling sick & hormonal LOL. We had a kid's birthday party to attend that I was just not in the mood to go to. Right before we left for the party Hubby checked the mail & there was a package for me :] Made my day!! I knew it was the ModCloth lip balm that I won from Valerie's Blog. It's exciting to me, as it probably is to everyone else, to get a package in the mail. Valerie sent me the lip balm + a few other goodies & she even included a cute little note :] The blush was sealed but it was cracked. It must have not been handled with care through shipment. haha I'm still using it though. She's the nicest person I've met on the internet & I can relate to her so much. You should definitly check out her blog, Material Instinct & her YouTube channel :] btw, she has monthly giveaways on her channel :)
Here's a few pictures of what she sent me.


  1. Oh nooo I'm so sorry about the blush! It definitely wasn't cracked when I packed everything up! I like the floral background you used. What is it? I'm glad you enjoyed the goodies & thanks for the shout out :)


  2. Hey Val!
    Don't worry about the blush. I'll still make good use of it. The blush I use all the time is matte so I've been brushing the Hard Candy one over it to add some shimmer. I love that it doesn't change the color, it just makes it shimmery. & the background of the pics is one of my scarves :] Thanks again for everything you sent me! You're so sweet!