Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Mother's Day 2010 Wishlist

♥I've been a mother for over 4 years but have never had an actual gift unwrapping. Usually we'll be at the store and I see something I like & Hubby will be like, "you want it for Mother's Day?" & he just buys it for me then even if it's weeks in advance. He's not so great at keeping things from me. He can never keep a surprise a secret which is why I always get my birthday gifts early. I think he put a little more effort into last year's Mother's Day. He gave me a card, roses, & a huge box of condoms [what a think-for-yourselfer!! :P haha] I didn't mind though. He knew it's a gift I'd like. He put it in a really cute gift bag & used plastic grocery bags as "tissue paper"...that screams LAST MINUTE! but I'm not picky or high maintnance at all. Especially not with gifts. Nonetheless, this year I have a wishlist. LOL I will more than likely just get the last thing because it's something that I'll actually need. What do you Mommies want for Mother's Day? What do you get your mom?♥
On To My Wishlist...
  • IHOP gift card cuz it's my fave & we go there for pretty much everything!
  • China Glaze nail polish in Recycle!!
  • Too Faced Lip Insurance [it's kinda new. I haven't seen a single review on it but I wanna give it a try]
  • Too Faced Walk of Shame Set...I really wanna try the Shadow Insurance, that lipstick, & how freakin cute is that tooth brush!!?!
  • The Tummy Sleeve


  1. I can't wait til you get a big, round baby belly! I hope that's not weird to say... LOL I just think you'd be such a cute prego since you're so petite :)

  2. Your wistlist is great! I like the name recycle... so cute! BTW Congrats!We need to start planning your baby shower already ...LOL

  3. Val,
    I can't wait either!! exciting!!

  4. Hey Liddy!
    I'm not sure if I'm having a shower. From Holly we had a huge one with over 100 ppl!! crazyness. I always wanted a small shower with like only a few girls but I didn't plan it, so yea. From Jolly we didn't have one cuz she was premie & was born a few weeks before the set shower date. Maybe we can have a shower via blogtv haha. If I do have one I'll let ya know.

  5. That's was I was thinking a cyber baby shower! LOL I love baby showers! I want want one too! LOL Not until 3 years or so.