Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Under $100 Look #2

♥I posted a poll on Twitter about what my next blog post would be & the most votes were for another outfit under $100, so here it is :] It took me a whole extra day to post it but it's because my computer was being obnoxiously slow!! This complete outfit's price adds up to $97.10...but that's mostly because the purse alone cost about 1/3 of the $100. You can easily substitude this bag with a frame wallet or a least expensive tote and still look amazingly cute! It pretty much just depends on the occasion. I think this is a great outfit for a casual family outing like for a picnic or the zoo. It can also be worn to go out shopping or to catch a movie on just an ordinary summer day. In this outfit, I especially love the top!! It's really nice and it's only 10 bucks. ♥
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Ruched Pocket Short
$19.50 -

2 Strap Gladiator Sandal

$19.50 -

Crystal Ombre Sunglass

$3.00 -

Sephora Metallic Nail Polish M07 Reggaeton

$5.00 -

Zebra Tee
$10.00 -

Kirra Jewelry - Womens - Dream Of Peace Bracelet
$6.50 -

Danica Leather Hobo
$29.80 -

Filigree Medallion Duo Earrings
$3.80 -

♥TOTAL PRICE: $97.10♥

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  1. soo cute! i can totally see you wearing this :) ...even tho i don't really "know" you LOL