Saturday, July 4, 2009

Project 5 Pan (P5P)

♥Project 10 Pan, almost everyone and there mommas are doing it. @visforvalerie on twitter posted that 5 products would be more reasonable and after that one single tweet she, along with @ozbudgetbeauty, decided to start a Project 5 Pan (or what I like to call P5P) Several other girls are doing this project together and I decided to take part as well. They decided to start it on July 1st. I started Project 10 Pan a while back and was only 2 uses away from finishing the 5th product when these girls were starting P5P, so I was right on time :] The items marked with an X in the photo below are the ones I'm done with. I miss the softlips lip balm so much!!!! The bronzer broke but I'm still gonna keep using it. I'll have another update in about a week or two.♥

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