Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy New Year?...

♥It's 2010! Happy New Year!! Okay. So I realize it's February & I haven't blog since like last year [literally!!] December & January have been so hectic. We moved from a 5 bedroom house to a 3 bedroom apartment & it's taking longer than I thought to settle in. We had a ton of stuff boxed up & when they first brought all the stuff in, the living room looked like a terrible case on an episode of Hoarders! The living room is cleared out now, but we aren't completely done unpacking. Hubby & I decided to leave most things packed because we'll be moving again in 6 months. Of course we unpacked all the clothes, kitchen stuff, & like half of the girls' toys. The things that are staying in boxes are like trophies, crafts supplies, & like random stuff we wanna keep but don't necessarily need on a daily basis. Here are a few pictures that were taken in the past couple months...just cuz :]♥

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