Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Project 365 Has A New Name & A New Home

I don't like how posting the pictures from Project 365 directly from Flickr to this blog turned out. The photos are too small for my liking. I decided to put a badge to the right side of the blog with my Flickr photos & post the actual photos on Photos Infinity , a blog I created on Tumblr specifically for my photo project. Project 365 is taking a photo everyday for a whole year. That's quite a challenge, yet my crazy self has decided to do it forever, & ever, & ever. Can it be done? Can I actually stick to posting a photo daily for the rest of my life? I decided that I can & that I will do my best to achieve this. My camera is always on me & I definitely take pictures on a daily basis. If for any reason there isn't a photo posted on there for the day, I either had no Internet connection, the electricity went out, or I had a baby. Either way they will be posted even if they're belated. LOL Am I talking a lot again?? haha. Ok, Well, I'm gonna get back to studying now. Love you girlies!!
ps. If you are doing Project 365 or any other kind of photo project leave the link in the comments!! :]

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