Saturday, August 29, 2009

Migi Nail Art Pens (get one FREE!!)

I just watched a review on Youtube for some amazing nail art pens & I just had to tell you girlies about it! These pens feature an ordinary brush in the nailpolish itself and an incredibaly thin metal tip on top. The metal tip allows you to do detailed nail designs because of how thin it is. It also simplifies the whole french tip process & it is perfect for making stripes & dots. Another really cool thing about it is that you can attach two colors together, which I thing is great not only because it's a conviniet way to store them but also because it gives the polishes the feel of an actual writing utensil. It's like just doodling on your nails!! Oh!! & they have a lifetime warranty. So if you were to ever lose a cap, damage the product, or simply run out of nail polish they will replace it for free! By the way, speaking of FREE [which we all love], visit their youtube channel here ---> MigiNailArt Youtube Channel <---subscribe & add them as a friend. Then send them a message with your name & address & request your free pen (with 2 colors of your choice) You can see all the colors on their website---> <---here you will find more information about these mega cool nail art pens & purchase your own kit.

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  1. Sounds really cool! I'm going to have to go check this out. Thanks for sharing! :)